Recent years have seen a rapid increase of the variety of diets for one to take. Weight loss has become a major trend worldwide and such strive for a healthy body requires equally drastic methods.


With any new super potent diet found, we receive various results across the world – some people find it extremely effective, others only get a temporary result or none at all. Therefore each diet must be utilized with a careful approach. Today, one of the most popular diets include extreme reduction of food intake and substitution of regular meals with much healthier ones.


One of the examples of diet that can be extremely dangerous for weight balance is the Master Cleanse diet.

It has been revealed some time ago and promoted by various celebrities as fast and easy. This may be true. However, there’s still some work to do in terms of evaluating the efficacy of the super potent diet, as advertised pretty much on any major diet-related source. The main idea of the plan is to cut the food intake drastically and cleanse the body with drinking lemon water. Doctors say it can cause either huge weight drops or have no effect at all if used incorrectly. And here’s why:Lemon juice is extremely useful for the health and metabolism because of antioxidants. These can help to cleanse the body indeed, yet this is not solely possible outcome.When starting to drink lemon water, extreme care is required.

As a bonus tip, we would recommend you to consider adding to your diet something we here call the green paste – it’s a mix of avocado and cucumbers that goes great with fresh sandwiches or salads to kick off the day. And remember, make your salads include as much colors as possible, green being your favorite! And just add the light green paste to the salad to make it fresh and tasty.

The paste is absolutely natural, just as the vegetables are. All you need is to get the cucumber and avocado and make them blend in with each other You can use the blender or any other way you see fit to turn the two vegetables into a paste. When you mix it, it will have light green color and you will never miss the right condition.


Talking about the diet as a whole, balanced approach is the most beneficial. One is free to drink beverages with antioxidants to cleanse the body, but this is not enough for a sufficient weight loss result. Cutting off the food supply in one day is not going to do the trick. In fact, starvation can indeed cause extreme weight decrease, but the result may not be permanent. It’s all about our survival instinct. When food income goes down to zero in one day, the body realizes that there must be something wrong with the supply. Therefore it starts to store more food as fat, to prevent death from lack of food. That’s why you can see huge weight drop in less than a week, but that would be simply water going out of your body. The rest will be stored as fat and as soon as you eat a bit more that you did while dieting, it will come back and hit one badly. Therefore, this diet can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

The best approach would be to limit the fatty foods and increase the amount of antioxidants along with healthy nutrients (fiber, etc.). The other important thing is to understand that even the best diet is dangerous if misused. Extreme weight decrease is not an option if a result is ever to be sustained properly.


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